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Re: writing MBRs & disk numbering

From: Wojtek SWIATEK
Subject: Re: writing MBRs & disk numbering
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 09:30:34 +0200

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 13:06, Felix Zielcke <address@hidden> wrote:
Am Mittwoch, den 19.08.2009, 12:58 +0200 schrieb Wojtek SWIATEK:

> I have never used grub-install (only grub in much simpler
> configurations) and I will give it a try.
> Is there a way to instruct grub-install to use the configuration from
> another place than the current /boot/grub/grub.conf? In my case I
> would like it to use the info at /mnt/boot/grub/grub.conf as they
> cover the future setup (boot from a single internal drive). Maybe
> chroot to /mnt would be a way to go? (in that case /boot would indeed
> refer to the future /boot and grub-install could now take its install
> info from there)

grub.conf isn't read by grub-install or the grub shell.
But device.map is.
You can use grub-install --root-directory=/mnt so everything
under /mnt/boot/grub is used instead of /boot/grub

Just a note to say thaks - it worked very well on teh forst shot. I did a
# grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/hda
after making sure that hd0 in device.map indeed points to /dev/hda which would become (and now became) the first and only disk in the system.
Thanks again for the help,

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