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suggestion - initial boot menu instructions

From: William J (Joe) Tallent
Subject: suggestion - initial boot menu instructions
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2009 11:21:52 -0500

I am running Ubuntu 9.10 with grub 1.97beta.  I have been using Ubuntu
for over a year.

My daughter also uses my machine with Windows XP.

On the initial boot menu I have been setting XP as the default for my
daughter and manually selecting Ubuntu for myself.  On each kernal
update I have been moving the latest version down next to the Windows
entry so I didn't have to make so many keystrokes.

I have been surprised with the number of kernal updates that change the
initial boot menu.  Now with the new version of Grub I can't easily edit
the menu list.  I was able to enter the name of Windows for the default,
I like that, it doesn't get lost with a kernal update.  Didn't like
using the up arrow up an increasing number of times as updates come in.

Finally I tried the page up key. PROBLEM SOLVED!  Windows stays selected
as the default, and as updates come in and the menu changes I still only
need to hit one key one time to get to the latest version.

I suggest you add the Page Up and Page Down keys to the instructions on
the initial boot menu.  Now it only lists the arrow up and arrow down

Thanks for all your work.

Joe Tallent, happy Ubuntu and grub user.

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