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serial support on grub

From: Luciano_Rinetti
Subject: serial support on grub
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 19:44:07 +0100

Dear Sir,
first of all, thank you for you work, that let me and a lot of people
work much better.
I have a question about the documentation foud in
because i'm looking for a solution in order to use the ttyS0
as a replacement of the usual VGA console.
I'm using Ubuntu Server 9.10 on an industrial PC.
The manual is dated 2006: can you provide me a more update source
for this kind of problem ?
Best Regards
ReteItaly NOC <address@hidden>
Luciano Rinetti
Mob. 335.7878.602
ReteItaly S.r.l.
www.reteitaly.com - address@hidden
C.so Svizzera, 185 - 10149 Torino - Italy
Tel. +39 011.7767.694 - Fax +39 011.746.179

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