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search function addons broken.

From: Gene Heskett
Subject: search function addons broken.
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 23:43:26 -0500

Greets folks;

Using the fedora 10 supplied rpm called grub2-1.97 for x86 systems, there is 
a script called 'update-grub2' which is a wrapper for update-grub that tells 
it to use a /boot/grub2 directory for its files, allowing the two grubs to 
co-exist, booting the /boot/grub2/core.img as 'kernel' in order to switch 
from an 0.97 grub to the 1.97 version.

Unforch, this 'update-grub' doesn't search the drives for other boots at all, 
so even though the regular /boot/grub/grub.conf (or menu.lst depending on the 
distro) has all the correct data to boot all the os's that use grub-0.97, the 
grub.cfg file written has been UUID'd for the disk ID's, resulting in the 
wrong os being booted even if the correct kernel was loaded.

I have experimentally used this grub2 rpm to boot from a 2nd drive just a few 
hours ago, but I had to hand edit this /boot/grub2/grub.cfg and insert the 
correct UUID's that the desired version was actually installed on.

I did however, find that the grub.cfg of the 64 bit Mint 8 install, generated 
by that installers update-grub function, was correct as it also found the 
mandriva-2009.1 64 bit install (using grub-0.97) on ./dev/sdd!

Who is responsible for this particular bit of script trickery called update-

I am currently running off /dev/sda, a 32 bit Fedora 10 install, and I have 
pulled the latest grub-1.97.tar.gz and built it just to get the partial .info 
files I could read with pinfo, very educational if everything is true.  But 
of course I haven't installed it since F10 uses grub-0.97.

Would it do any good to nuke the rpm and install this version, saving the 
update-grub2 script to use as a wrapper?

Thanks for any insight you can throw my way.

Cheers, Gene
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