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Re: [Patch] Fix VESA VBE BIOS support in GRUB Legacy

From: Martin Decky
Subject: Re: [Patch] Fix VESA VBE BIOS support in GRUB Legacy
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 14:45:39 +0100
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We aren't committing that patch against the source code. You are aware
that Grub-Legacy is just that.

Is just what? On http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/grub-legacy.en.html I can read:

"GRUB Legacy is not actively developed any longer. Only bugfixes will be made so that GRUB Legacy can stil be used for older systems."

I can perfectly understand that, you don't want to introduce any new features to GRUB Legacy, because you want to focus all the development effort on the GRUB (2). However, this is not a new feature, this is a bugfix.

It is legacy because support, if it can
be called that, stopped when GRUB2 started to be developed.

Well, my opinion is that mistaking the phrase "no development" with the phrase "no maintenance" and "no support" is somehow misguided. As misguided as ignoring the bare fact about the ratio of real-life Linux distros and other OSes actively using GRUB Legacy vs. GRUB (2).

I don't follow any of the GRUB mailing lists, but I can imagine that you have had a similar discussion here a thousand times already. If you are sick of replying again and if you really don't want to reconsider your actual GRUB Legacy bugfix policy, you don't have to, I won't be angry.

I don't want to "change the world", I have just posted a bugfix. Take it or leave it, that's your choice.

Best regards

Martin Decky

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