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[bug #33229] Truecrypt System Volume Header gets overwritten

From: Patrick
Subject: [bug #33229] Truecrypt System Volume Header gets overwritten
Date: Wed, 04 May 2011 20:47:33 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #7, bug #33229 (project grub):


> if truecrypt bootloader is in MBR then the user explicitely requested us to
replace it. So such check is redundant.

Sorry my bad. Propper explanation: It's not the Bootloader that I want to
protect, but only the "Volume Header"

I want to replace the TrueCrypt bootloader because I don't want to be forced
to press the escape key to boot linux. :-)

But for windows AND linux versions of the truecrypt gui application (you can
mount windows drives under linux as well), sector 62 needs to stay in place
because it holds the (encrypted) master encryption key for the truecrypt
"System Volume".

The truecrypt bootloader of course _also_ needs the volume header but i can
"chainload" the bootloader. I store /tcloader -- a multiboot compilant binary
-- on the windows boot partition and then do "multiboot


Once the truecrypt boot loader is up it asks for the password. In case the
volume header (sector 62) is not there it will fail though: "Wrong password or
not a TrueCrypt Volume" ...


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