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Grub2 EFI CD?

From: Ken Mandelberg
Subject: Grub2 EFI CD?
Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 14:00:28 -0400
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I've been running Linux from an external USB disk on a Mac Mini using a very kludgy multipart scheme with Grub legacy. (It uses a CD, which gets /boot off an internal disk, then roots off the USB disk). This using the Apple pc bios emulation.

I would like to test Grub2 by booting off a vanilla Grub2 CD with EFI support to see if I can go directly to the USB disk. For my testing I can type grub2 commands from the command line.

When can I get a Grub2 CD with EFI, or do I actually have to build one? If I do have to build one some hints would be helpful.

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