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halt is halted

From: Jake Thomas
Subject: halt is halted
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 23:45:38 -0700

Hi! I noticed that in Grub 2.00~beta3 the halt command just hangs my
system. Does anyone else experience this? Could it be broke?

I boot my system, hit "c" to get to command line, type "halt", and hit
enter. And I guess you could say that it's halting...but not in the
intended fashion.

This Grub I ran "halt" in was compiled for i386-pc (the one most
people would consider normal, as of 2012. BIOS 32-bit). This is what I
compiled it with:
./configure --disable-werror --enable-device-mapper
--enable-cache-stats --enable-efiemu

My computer is a Dell XPS 8300. I attached the output of lshw, in case
any hardware info is needed.

Today I was just playing around with Grub and was again amazed. I read
all the commands that show up from hitting tab. I thought the hardware
and lsmmap were pretty cool. I wonder if the info given by lsmmap is
all the info needed to dump your BIOS (and just your BIOS) with dd
from /dev/mem in Linux.


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