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[Bug-gsl] Error in gsl_cdf_fdist_Pinv

From: Daniel Falster
Subject: [Bug-gsl] Error in gsl_cdf_fdist_Pinv
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 12:08:31 +1100

The function double gsl_cdf_fdist_Pinv (double P, double nu1, double
nu2) is in GSL ver1.8 but hasn't been included in earlier versions. It
returns the inverse of the cumulative distribution function for the
F-distribution. The arguments nu1 and nu2 are the degrees of freedom
(1,..., Inf). When nu1 =1, and nu2 greater than ~ 250 the functions
fails. I have verified this for both windows and unix versions.
For example, 
 for (int y = 1; y<500; y+=20)
fails for y > 240 on windows XP.
Any suggestions?
Daniel Falster

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