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Re: [Bug-gsl] Possible bug in gsl_multifit_wlinear_svd

From: Marco Lombardi
Subject: Re: [Bug-gsl] Possible bug in gsl_multifit_wlinear_svd
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 23:47:01 +0200

Sorry for the delay of this reply, I was on a trip last week.  I am
running the test on a Mac, specifically on a MacBook Pro, with Mac OS
10.4.10 and gsl 1.9 installed.  The test also fails on various linux
boxes I tried (e.g., RedHat with kernel 2.6.18, or Debian with kernel
2.6.21).  As far as I can tell, the problem is there also in gsl 1.8.

I suspect that you cannot reproduce the bug because the data file was
not correctly transfered or read.  To (at least) exclude the first
possibility, here is the md5 checksum of the file:

$ md5sum gsl-test.dat
768b5a964b8ce98932ed0618ac9f97e1  gsl-test.dat

Marco Lombardi

On 8/3/07, Brian Gough <address@hidden> wrote:
> At Thu, 2 Aug 2007 10:31:22 +0200,
> Marco Lombardi wrote:
> > occasionally I find that gsl_multifit_wlinear_svd never returns.  This
> > happens with particular matrices, which however do not seem to have
> > anything special of their own.  I attach below a simple program that
> > builds a random matrix and calls gsl_multifit_wlinear_svd, and then
> > reads a matrix from a file and calls again gsl_multifit_wlinear_svd:
> > the second call never exit (at least on the computers where I tried
> > it).
> Thanks for your email. I can't reproduce your problem with gsl-1.9 on
> Intel -- can you provide more details (gsl version, operating system,
> etc).  Maybe you could attach with the debugger and see why it is not
> exiting.
> --
> Brian Gough
> (GSL Maintainer)
> Network Theory Ltd,
> Commercial support for GSL --- http://www.network-theory.com/gsl/
> $ gcc -Wall -O2 gsl-test.c -L /opt/gsl-1.9/lib/ -I /opt/gsl-1.9/include/ 
> -static -lgsl -lgslcblas -lm
> $ ./a.out
> Creating random data...
> Starting decomposition...
> Done.
> Reading data from file...
> Starting decomposition...
> Done.

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