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[Bug-gsl] libgslcblas.a with -fPIC ?

From: Antonio Miguel
Subject: [Bug-gsl] libgslcblas.a with -fPIC ?
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 12:20:34 +0200
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This is the first time I post anything to a gnu list, but I have one problem when linking libgslcblas.a in a 64 bit machine in static mode.

After checking the makefile for libgslcblas.a it seems to me that it is created with objects not compiled with the -fPIC flag, which are in the .libs directory.

it is executing:
ar cru .libs/libgslcblas.a  sasum.o saxpy.o scasum.o ...

instead of
ar cru .libs/libgslcblas.a  .libs/sasum.o .libs/saxpy.o .libs/scasum.o ...

(this is correctly done for the libgsl.a )

Thank you in advance,

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