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[Bug-gsl] Out of order declaration

From: Brian Gladman
Subject: [Bug-gsl] Out of order declaration
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 19:48:15 +0100

There is an out of order declaration in the GSL code base as follows:

ode-initval2\test.c (2185 ...) out of order declarations:
------------------------------------ /* Test driver_apply_fixed_step */

 gsl_odeiv2_driver_reset_hstart (d, 1e-3);
 const unsigned long int nfsteps = 100000;
 const double hfixed = 0.000025;
 s = gsl_odeiv2_driver_apply_fixed_step (d, &t, hfixed, nfsteps, y);

 if (s != GSL_SUCCESS)
   regards to all,

     Brian Gladman

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