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[bug-gtypist] Windows build

From: Tim Marston
Subject: [bug-gtypist] Windows build
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 16:44:28 +0000
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Hi Felix,

I think you are correct about the static-lib-DLL thing. It seems to run
fine on another machine (that doesn't have MinGW installed) without any
other DLLs. So that's good.

I think I've found the problem with script lines being too long on the
Windows builds. That MultiByteToWideChar() win32 function returns the
number of characters in the string +1 for the null terminator! So I've
added a -1 and it seems to work. I've tested it on Windows XP and Wndows
7 with truetype fonts and it displays gtypist.typ, ru.typ and cs.typ
correctly, AFAICT.

On the down-side, I'm not sure if *inputting* UTF-8 characters is
working ok. I tried copy+pasting the Cryllic 'д' character in to the
console and it pasted 3 characters! I have no idea what happens when you
actually type an д on a Cryllic keyboard, though. So we probably need to
do some more testing here.

Finally, I've also found a very weird bug, which appears to be on
Windows only. It may be related to UTF-8 input. You can repeat it as
- on Windows, run "gtypist.exe cs.typ"
- press ENTER 7 times (this should enter the lesson "Lekce T1")
- press ESCAPE, E, Y (to return to the menu)
- press ESCAPE (to go back to the previous menu)
- press ENTER (to select "Série T")
and, almost immediately, the first lesson ("Lekce T1") on the "Série T"
menu is selected, automatically, without any further key presses! Very
strange indeed!

On 22/11/11 20:27, Felix Natter wrote:
> On Windows XP I also get 3 system exceptions on startup :-(

Is this still the case?

Tim Marston

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