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Virus Alert

From: helpdesk
Subject: Virus Alert
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 06:29:39 +0800 (CST)

CyberCTM Virus-Free e-mail Service has detected a virus named "WORM_SOBIG.F" in 
the file "thank_you.pif" contained in your e-mail sent to address@hidden on 
09/01/2003 06:29:26.  You are advised to check whether your computer system is 
infected, and clean the virus, if found, in order to prevent spreading it to 
other users.  ¸g·¥°Ê·P§K¶O¹q¤l¶l¥ó¨¾¬rªA°ÈÀˬd«á¡A 09/01/2003 06:29:26 ¥Ñ »Õ¤U 
thank_you.pif ÀÉ®×±H¤© address@hidden ¤§¶l¥ó¤ºµo²{¦s¦³ WORM_SOBIG.F 

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