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minor proposed changed to guile doc

From: first last
Subject: minor proposed changed to guile doc
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 08:49:37 -0700 (PDT)

I propose that the following section replace the
current documentation for the DO function.  It
essentially replaces "test" with "terminate" and
"expr" with "result". 

The motiviation is to make it more obvious that the
loop ends on a true value for the test.  (as opposed
to "continue on true").

If I should  make the change to a CVS working version
directly, please let me know (directly to me as I
don't check this list regularly).  Otherwise I will
assume/hope someone else makes the change if its



 - syntax: do ((variable1 init1 step1) ...) (terminate
result1 ...) command ...
     The INIT expressions are evaluated and the
VARIABLES are bound to
     their values. Then looping starts with testing
     expression.  If TERMINATE evaluates to a true
value, the RESULT following
     the TERMINATE are evaluated and the value of the
last RESULT is returned
     as the value of the `do' expression.  If
TERMINATE evaluates to false,
     the COMMANDs are evaluated in order, the STEPs
are evaluated and
     stored into the VARIABLES and the next iteration

     Any of the STEP expressions may be omitted, so
that the
     corresponding variable is not changed during

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