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guile-www-2.9 (www cgi) form-data loses original order

From: Alan Grover
Subject: guile-www-2.9 (www cgi) form-data loses original order
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 19:44:09 -0400
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The (www cgi) module parses query-string/form-data parameters but loses the order of the name/value pairs.

Module: www cgi
Version: 2.9

Specifically, it reverses the order of the names (and values when a name appears more than once). This behavior is not documented (and thus not guaranteed).

RFC 1866 appears to be the relevant document:
section 8.2.1: "The fields are listed [by the user agent] in the order they appear in the document." Being able to recover this order in a cgi program may be desirable.

I would like to see an interface that delivers the key-values in order, including duplicates: e.g. ...?bob=1&joe=2&bob=3 should give us something like ((bob 1) (joe 2) (bob 3)).

I'm working on a suggested change to (www cgi) that addresses this and tolerates names without "=". It should be available within the next 2 days.

Alan Grover

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