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git guile hangs in fluids.test

From: dsmich
Subject: git guile hangs in fluids.test
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 6:16:44 -0400

Recently, git guile has been consistently hanging in fluids.test.  Cpu usage 
drops to 0.  This is on a single core machine running a fairly up-to-date 
Debian Testing.

$ gcc --version
gcc (Debian 4.4.2-9) 4.4.3 20100108 (prerelease)

$ git describe

Here is a gdb backtrace connected to the hung process:

(gdb) bt
#0  0x4001e424 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
#1  0x4046c285 in sem_wait@@GLIBC_2.1 () at 
#2  0x40168018 in GC_stop_world () at pthread_stop_world.c:426
#3  0x40157b1e in GC_stopped_mark (stop_func=0x40156f40 <GC_never_stop_func>) 
at alloc.c:474
#4  0x40157df9 in GC_try_to_collect_inner (stop_func=0x40156f40 
<GC_never_stop_func>) at alloc.c:362
#5  0x40158194 in GC_try_to_collect (stop_func=0x40156f40 <GC_never_stop_func>) 
at alloc.c:762
#6  0x40158270 in GC_gcollect () at alloc.c:774
#7  0x40076277 in scm_i_gc (what=0x4010efee "fluids") at gc.c:401
#8  0x40070d43 in new_fluid () at fluids.c:132
#9  scm_make_fluid () at fluids.c:180
#10 0x400f24a7 in vm_debug_engine (vm=0x9b2b590, program=0x9b6f910, 
argv=0xbfa168d0, nargs=1) at vm-i-system.c:853
#11 0x400e163a in scm_c_vm_run (vm=0x9b2b590, program=0x9b6f910, 
argv=0xbfa168d0, nargs=1) at vm.c:518
#12 0x4006e9c7 in scm_primitive_eval (exp=0x9fe2de0) at eval.c:859
#13 0x4008dac3 in scm_primitive_load (filename=0x9e62990) at load.c:125
#14 0x400f249c in vm_debug_engine (vm=0x9b2b590, program=0x9c3ac48, 
argv=0xbfa16a24, nargs=1) at vm-i-system.c:856
#15 0x400e163a in scm_c_vm_run (vm=0x9b2b590, program=0x9c3ac48, 
argv=0xbfa16a24, nargs=1) at vm.c:518
#16 0x4006d945 in scm_call_1 (proc=0x9c3ac48, arg1=0x9c4d1d0) at eval.c:574
#17 0x4006ee0e in scm_for_each (proc=0x9c3ac48, arg1=0x9c532a0, args=0x304) at 
#18 0x400f2517 in vm_debug_engine (vm=0x9b2b590, program=0x9b6f910, 
argv=0xbfa16b90, nargs=1) at vm-i-system.c:862
#19 0x400e163a in scm_c_vm_run (vm=0x9b2b590, program=0x9b6f910, 
argv=0xbfa16b90, nargs=1) at vm.c:518
#20 0x4006e9c7 in scm_primitive_eval (exp=0x9c2a048) at eval.c:859
#21 0x4006ea41 in scm_eval (exp=0x9c2a048, module_or_state=0x9aca738) at 
#22 0x400b83e5 in scm_shell (argc=10, argv=0xbfa17014) at script.c:762
#23 0x40086a36 in invoke_main_func (body_data=0xbfa16f50) at init.c:381
#24 0x40065622 in c_body (d=0xbfa16ea4) at continuations.c:475
#25 0x400ddfd2 in apply_catch_closure (clo=0x0, args=0x304) at throw.c:147
#26 0x400f189f in vm_debug_engine (vm=0x9b2b590, program=0x9ac4858, 
argv=0xbfa16d80, nargs=4) at vm-i-system.c:924
#27 0x400e163a in scm_c_vm_run (vm=0x9b2b590, program=0x9ac4858, 
argv=0xbfa16d80, nargs=4) at vm.c:518
#28 0x4006d85d in scm_call_4 (proc=0x9ac4858, arg1=0x404, arg2=0x9bf6d00, 
arg3=0x9bf6cf0, arg4=0x9bf6ce0)
    at eval.c:595
#29 0x400de9b2 in scm_catch_with_pre_unwind_handler (key=0x404, 
thunk=0x9bf6d00, handler=0x9bf6cf0, 
    pre_unwind_handler=0x9bf6ce0) at throw.c:87
#30 0x400dea82 in scm_c_catch (tag=0x404, body=0x40065610 <c_body>, 
    handler=0x40065630 <c_handler>, handler_data=0xbfa16ea4, 
    pre_unwind_handler=0x400de340 <scm_handle_by_message_noexit>, 
pre_unwind_handler_data=0x0) at throw.c:214
#31 0x400658eb in scm_i_with_continuation_barrier (body=0x40065610 <c_body>, 
    handler=0x40065630 <c_handler>, handler_data=0xbfa16ea4, 
    pre_unwind_handler=0x400de340 <scm_handle_by_message_noexit>, 
pre_unwind_handler_data=0x0) at continuations.c:452
#32 0x400659c3 in scm_c_with_continuation_barrier (func=0x400869f0 
<invoke_main_func>, data=0xbfa16f50)
    at continuations.c:493
#33 0x400ddbac in scm_i_with_guile_and_parent (func=0x400869f0 
<invoke_main_func>, data=0xbfa16f50, parent=0x0)
    at threads.c:734
#34 0x400ddcce in scm_with_guile (func=0x400869f0 <invoke_main_func>, 
data=0xbfa16f50) at threads.c:713
#35 0x400869cf in scm_boot_guile (argc=10, argv=0xbfa17014, main_func=0x8048860 
<inner_main>, closure=0x0)
    at init.c:364
#36 0x0804885b in main (argc=10, argv=0xbfa17014) at guile.c:70


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