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MS word xml compression bug

From: Billy Kuo
Subject: MS word xml compression bug
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 23:00:25 +1000

There's this bug I noticed that I'm unsure if it's been fixed in later version.
When you gzip a XML based MS word document. There's a very high chance that the 
closing tag of the document "</w:wordDocument>” becomes “</w:wordDocument" and 
Word will not be able to open the file. I've found that for these documents if 
we have instead "</w:wordDocument ><" as the closing tag then the '<' key will 
be removed during compression thus making it valid....but since the last 
character doesn't always get removed this isn't really practical.
By the way if there's already a method for overcoming this bug please let me 
know. I'm using gzip for C# ASP.NET.
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