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Re: RFC: fixing the 32-bit size and time limits in gzip file format

From: Mark Adler
Subject: Re: RFC: fixing the 32-bit size and time limits in gzip file format
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 19:05:07 -0700


A better approach might be to simply append four bytes to the gzip file, and 
ignore the "decompression OK, trailing garbage ignored" warning when 
decompressing (it can be suppressed with -q).  Eventually new versions of gzip 
that don't issue that warning in that case would replace the old ones.  We 
could stick in a small extra field that simply indicates that those extra four 
bytes are there.  (We'd have to always accept that hit in the streaming case, 
since you wouldn't know until too late that you needed the longer length.  The 
total hit would be eight bytes -- four for the extra field and four for the 
extended length at the end.)

Concatenated gzip streams with older gzips unaware of the extra field would 
still be supported by preventing the two-byte magic header (1f 8b) in the 
appended length extension.  Simply shift the 32-bit value up one bit, forcing 
the low bit to be zero.  Then it can't match 8b1f on the bottom.  That limits 
the total length to 63 bits, but that's not really a loss since the off_t type 
is signed anyway.


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