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BUG and Binary report.

From: Kunio Miyamoto
Subject: BUG and Binary report.
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 16:29:17 +0900

 Dear httptunnel developer(s).

 This is Kunio Miyamoto, one of httptunnel user.

 I tryed to use httptunnel on Win32(not only WinNT, but also Win98) environment,
 and succeed.

1. configure and make on Cygwin environment 
2. install exe binary and cygwin1.dll to any directory(place all to same 

 I found NG result on 3.0.5 (

 Try some number connection and disconnection via httptunnel process,
client (htc) exit abnormally.
 This trouble is not appeared in using binary based on 3.3.

 Thank you.

Kunio Miyamoto
E-mail: address@hidden
Zebedee ML : address@hidden

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