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From: Nathan Krause
Subject: profundity
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 12:39:36 -0000
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He beefed up special operations.
Does the President have any favorite candidate? So it's not unusual at an ambassadorial level to do that. I think it had something to do with Iraq more specifically.
Don Rumsfeld began by trying to transform separate military services that, in previous times, have been loathe to work together at all times. SNOW: That's correct.
It's absolutely inappropriate. That is a matter, as you know, for the European Union. Now you have commissioners outraged, they say that they didn't know about this meeting.
And Denny Hastert will come forth, he'll tell you what he knew, and I think everybody will be in a better position to render judgment at that point. Obviously, there is a lot about this in the news, but what specifically prompted the President to make the call? SNOW: Oh, you're talking about the PDB. It's in the context of the book, but is Henry Kissinger a regular advisor to the President? But then, again, victory was the only exit strategy after the Civil War, and after World War I, and World War II.
And without my trying to play junior lawyer here, when the people have finished taking a good hard look at it all, we'll let you know what they found out.
That's a Capitol Hill matter right now. President Roh, during the balance of his time in office, has a lot of important concerns, probably chief among them trying to make sure that North Korea does not nuclearize the Peninsula.
And I think that's the appropriate context.
How stupid is that, to have a President coming out and say, I'm sorry, I'm not beating my wife anymore?
Now this does not affect every Republican in the United States of America, just as bad behavior on the parts of Democrats in ages past has not been a reflection of their entire party.
Now, as you also know, the vast bulk of lobbying in this town goes elsewhere.
And instead what you get is, again, trying to go through and say, man, Abramoff really disappointed us, he didn't get anything. Let's get that part clear.
federal government, the image is in the public domain.
The Prime Minister pointed out they're working through stage one, that has to deal with certain applications.
flags as a dissuasive to those who threatened to disrupt? He beefed up special operations. As a matter of fact, Henry did not talk to Bob Woodward.
Second, the House is going to have to figure out how to respond to this. That was an op-ed piece that he wrote, and that is his view. SNOW: Well, they're, first, taking a look at the documents right now. Okay, let's exhaust all this, and then we'll go. I'll get to you, Les.
Rove apparently got something out of this. SNOW: Look, I agree, Martha.

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