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Re: Hurd on bochs

From: Olivier Péningault
Subject: Re: Hurd on bochs
Date: 05 Feb 2002 20:28:18 +0100

le mar 05-02-2002 à 01:05, Roland McGrath a écrit :
> It looks like the smc9194 ethernet driver probes at this address.  Some
> other drivers have that address commented out from their probe lists with a
> comment about conflicts with video cards.  So try --disable-smc9194.
> Or we can comment the address out from that driver.
Maybe... This error occurs two times.
> It would be nice if you gave some details about how you configured and ran
> bochs, e.g. what commands you ran to build, attach your configuration
> files, etc.
At first, get bochs (http://bochs.sourceforge.net) : the CVS is really
better than the stable release (1.3). And a SDL GUI has been added last
Then, compile bochs :
$ ./configure + options (see docs-html/configure.html in the source
For me, it was : ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ --enable-cdrom
--enable-sb16=linux --enable-ne2000 --enable-pci 
$ make
# make install

Now, create a virtual disk : a program called bximage will do it for you
address@hidden:~/bochs$ bximage 
                  Disk Image Creation Tool for Bochs
         $Id: bximage.c,v 1.6 2001/12/08 17:46:02 bdenney Exp $

Do you want to create a floppy disk image or a hard disk image?
Please type hd or fd. [hd] 

Enter the hard disk size in megabytes, between 1 and 32255
[10] 150

I will create a hard disk image with
  sectors per track=63
  total sectors=306432
  total size=149.62 megabytes

What should I name the image?
[c.img] foo


I wrote 156893184 bytes to foo.

The following line should appear in your bochsrc:
  diskc: file="foo", cyl=304, heads=16, spt=63

DON'T FORGET to note the number of cylinders, of heads and of sectors
per track. Bochs need that to set up the disk...

When you've done it, just run
$ bochs

a menu will appear :
1. Read options from...
2. Edit options
3. Save options to...
4. Begin simulation
5. Quit now

The first time, Edit (2) and then save (3) the options. They are
numerous, just choose those that fit best to your computer. The nest
times, just load your config file, parameters can also be changed after
having loaded it.

You _must_ in the Disks options menu say that :
+first floppy is resc1440.bin (the boot disk)
+first hd is the file generated by bximage.
+cdrom is /dev/xxx because reading cd image doesn't work fully (maybe it
has been changed in the CVS tree, because it worked for the developper
yesterday) but access to the device works (your cd can be unmounted
under GNU/Linux).
+boot device is floppy.

Others :
in the source tree, under bios, there are pc and vga bios (pc -> 1 2 or
4 processors). The bios begins at 0xf0000. Disable the mouse for the

Then boot (4. Begin simulation).
An output window appears, you can see linux booting.
When you have to change the floppy, press the "config" button, and
change the filename of the floppy to root1440.bin in the menu.
Then, install....
Uncompressing base-Hurd may be quite long :)
Replace the first floppy by grub-0.9.
run native_install (it's long !!!)
run native_install (it's long !!!)
do the usual work (MAKEDEV, mount cd, ...)
run initial.sh (it's long !!!)
run developer.sh (it's long !!!) (I haven't try gui.sh yet).

It's done !!!
Congratulations. :)

If you have questions, or if it doesn't work, e-mail me !!!!
I hope i didn't make mistakes here...



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