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SFTPFS is running

From: Everton Hermann
Subject: SFTPFS is running
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 15:43:24 -0300

Hello people!

This weekend I have  ran my first version of SFTPFS,
I am know that it has a lot of bugs, and is slow,
but I think that in the next month I will
be able to release  a better version.
At this moment I need to restructurate my sources
to make them  easier to compile,
because  I have used libssh
that is generated during openssh compilation,
but it isn't provided by any package.

What is SFTPFS?

SFTPFS is a hurd filesystem that alows mount and
access files through sftp ( secure FTP ).
This way,  the user can access his files  transparently.

How does it works?

I used the libnetfs to give me the interface with hurd
and  some functions from  libssh to make the comunication
between the translator and the sftp server.

Why I decided to do this?
Because most of  the unix hosts has a ssh server,
that provides the sftp  in many cases.
So if you can share files using the same server
isn't needed to install another server like nfs and samba.
Other advantage is that all  data transfered between the hosts
is  criptographed, improving the security.

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