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Re: [OT] GNU Hurd presentation, for review

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: [OT] GNU Hurd presentation, for review
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 17:23:11 +0100

   For your kind information, we do emphasize to our students that we
   are using the GNU system as and when applicable.

You are not using the GNU system, you are using a modified version of
it.  If you were using the GNU system, then you would just say "GNU"
instead of GNU/Linux.

   But calling the whole user group as just GNU Linux User group would
   be misleading.

It would be misleading to call it "GNU Linux User group", but not
because of the reason you think of, Linux is not a GNU project, only
GNU projects get called "GNU FOO".

Ineither case, calling the GLUG for "Linux User Group" would be even
more misleading, not to mention totally incorrect.  Linux is only a
kernel, a user group is intersted in a operating system, since a
kernel is totally unusable without those tools.  It is also incorrect
since Linux is not a operating system, and it discredits the major
contributor to GNU/Linux, the GNU project.  The GNU project web
page[0] has more (and better written) information on why calling
GNU/Linux for "Linux" is disrespectful to all the contributors who did
most of the work for GNU/Linux.

Please reconsider changing the name.

[0]: http://www.gnu.org

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