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Re: LT 2.2.4 problem with Absoft Fortran 90 compiler

From: Tony Goelz
Subject: Re: LT 2.2.4 problem with Absoft Fortran 90 compiler
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 14:34:58 -0400
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The exit status of f90 -V is 0


Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
Hello Tony,

* Tony Goelz wrote on Tue, May 27, 2008 at 04:33:01PM CEST:
I believe the easiest way to produce a shared library with Absoft compiled object files is to invoke gcc to perform the final step, adding in the Absoft runtime libraries with -L/opt/absoft10.1/lib -laf90math -lafio -lamisc -laf77math.

Hmm, ok.

Here's the sample output you requested from the Absoft compiler working on a simple program:

$ f90 -v t.f90
mkdir /tmp/oTbO00
/opt/absoft10.1/bin/af90fe -Ap -p. -p/opt/absoft10.1/f90includes -F /tmp/oTbO00/t.l t.f90
/opt/absoft10.1/bin/atmod -TARG:abi=n32 -o /tmp/oTbO00/t.B /tmp/oTbO00/t.l
/opt/absoft10.1/bin/be -O0 -LANG:=f90 -PHASE:c -TARG:abi=n32 -fs,/tmp/oTbO00/t.s -fB,/tmp/oTbO00/t.B t.f90
as --32 -o /tmp/oTbO00/t.o /tmp/oTbO00/t.s
gcc -m32 /tmp/oTbO00/t.o -L/opt/absoft10.1/lib -laf90math -lafio -lamisc -labsoftmain -laf77math -lm -lmv
rm /tmp/oTbO00/*
rmdir /tmp/oTbO00/

$ f90 -V t.f90
f90: Copyright Absoft Corporation 1994-2007; Absoft Fortran Compiler Version 10.1
f90fe: 2 source lines
f90fe: 0 Errors, 0 Warnings, 0 Other messages, 0 ANSI

Also, an additional way to get the version number of an
Absoft compiler is to enter "f90" with no arguments:

Thanks.  What happens if I use plain
  f90 -V

without adding a source file name?  What's the exit status of that?


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