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doc bugs

From: Edward Sanford Sutton, III
Subject: doc bugs
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 12:10:41 -0700
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  On the line 'or to use the --output', I think director was meant to be 
  The description for '-P process, --process=COMMAND' says the command is 
'lilypon-bin' instead of 'lilypond-bin'.

  'CONTENTS is copied into the source enclosed in a verbatim block, followed 
by any text given with the intertext option, then the actual music is 
displayed.' should be 'CONTENTS is copied into the source, enclosed in a 
verbatim block; followed by any text given with the intertext option; then 
the actual music is displayed.' (an extra comma before enclosed, and the use 
of semicolons to separate the list since one item contains commas in itself).
  On 'overrides lilypond-book auto detection of what type of code is in the 
LilyPond block, voice contents or complete code.', if 'LilyPond block, voice 
contents or complete code.' is a list of three things, then it is OK. If it 
is a list of two things within LilyPond block, perhaps the comma should be 
revised with a colon if I remember right.
  'For single-line fragments the default is to use no indentation.' should 
have a comma after fragments, or move the part of the sentence before that 
point to the end of the sentence. Which writing style does lilypond's manual 
  At the bottom, 'specified relative central C' might make more sense as 
'specified relative to central C' if I understand the meaning correctly.

        If proofreading help is appreciated, what is desired? Typos, grammar, 
pagelink testing, etc.. If so, what is preferred: corrections, suggestions, 
        Is it preferred that corrections just be sent here as I have been 
doing, or 
would Diff/Patch type submissions be preferred. If so, should the be based on 
a resynched CVS tree after I spot something?

Thanks again,
Ed Sutton

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