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Re: Rest position problem

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Rest position problem
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 10:36:54 +0200
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This looks like a bug to me.

However, why do you use the verticalExtent property instead of
the minimumVerticalExtent, as described in
If you change that, it seems that the rests position is correct.


Jefferson dos Santos Felix wrote:
I have a problem with automatic rest position in multi-voice songs when I use Staff.verticalExtent.
For example:

\version "2.3.11"

          \new Staff
              \clef treble
              \set Staff.verticalExtent = #'(-10 . 10)
              \partial 4 <<g'4\\r>> |
              <<{e4. g8 g4 e}\\{r8 c c4 c2}>>
                    \new Staff
              \clef bass
              \set Staff.verticalExtent = #'(-10 . 10)
              \partial 4 r4 |
              c,2 c4 c

This file produce wrong rest positions (collision between rests and notes). When I comment the line:
 \set Staff.verticalExtent = #'(-10 . 10)

Lilypond produce correct rest positions, but I want to use this function to extend my staff!
What's the problem?


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