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Re: Problems building Lilypond

From: Peter Teeson
Subject: Re: Problems building Lilypond
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 12:47:26 -0400

Graham thanks for your reply.
On Aug 08, 2005, at 23:00, Graham Percival wrote:
I am sort of retired but still enjoy my Macintosh. (Mac OS X Panther 10.3.9, gcc 3.3) To keep my hand in and to refresh my faded Unix skills I decided to try building Lilypond 2.6.3.

Are you trying to build this from scratch, or are you using the fink patch? All the info you need is in the fink .patch and .info (you said you wanted to
refresh your unix skiils, right? :)

From scratch. I have not installed fink. I printed the INSTALL document and am working from it. Following the requirements itemised on page 2 I DL'd from the various sites mentioned. So far everything worked as expected (./configure, make, make install) with the exception of lilypond itself.

If you search on the lilypond-devel mailist, you should find some instructions I
posted there at the beginning of the year for compiling lily on osx.

I will take a look.

=========== Problems ==========
Problem (0) stepmake does not handle spaces in paths (e.g. .../Version 2.6.3)?

fink suggests that you avoid spaces in filenames, so presumably this is a general
unix layer/osx issue.
Well it seems to me it has something to do with stepmake since lilypond is the only portion that uses it.
Everything else can handle directories with spaces in their name.
So far as I can see stepmake needs to be looked at to add that capability. I wonder how gnumake hadles it? Or more pertinately how make on the Mac does?

Problem (1) g++ does not recognize -shared option

The fink patch deals with this exact issue.
What is this all about? Does this mean I'm obliged to install fink just to fix one small issue?
Is that not excessive?

I'm not being argumentative here just puzzled?



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