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Re: lilypond-book 2.6.3 generates incorrect \includegraphics

From: Bernard Hurley
Subject: Re: lilypond-book 2.6.3 generates incorrect \includegraphics
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 09:05:49 +0000

On Mon, 2005-11-28 at 19:58 -0800, Graham Percival wrote:
> On 28-Nov-05, at 6:45 AM, Raphael Manfredi wrote:
> > (./lily-1179601096-systems.tex <lily-1179601096-1.eps>)
> > Overfull \hbox (113.71375pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 1--47
> > [][]
> This is normal.
This is a TeX (not LaTeX) message. TeX typesets by putting everything,
characters, words, graphics etc into boxes. The document type definition
togehter with anything the user changes tells TeX among other things
what the widest such box should be in a paragraph. This is so that it
knows when to do things like hyphenate words. the graphics is not a
word, but to TeX it is a word that and cannot be split, so TeX is
telling you that it is wider than it thought a word should be. It is
theoretically possible to get rid of the message by writing a new .sty
file or by tweaking some ot the settings, but it is hardly worth the
effort, especially as it could easily re-appear for some other input. If
it looks OK, don't worry about it!
> > dvips: Font feta-alphabet16 used in file lily-412723092-1.eps is not 
> > in the mapping file.
> > dvips: Font CenturySchL-Roma used in file lily-545571106-1.eps is not 
> > in the mapping file.
> This is also normal.  If you know how to avoid this, please let us know.
These messages are no more that a statement of fact. dvips normally
references a mapping file to find out information (e.g.aliases) about
fonts. However in this case everything it needs to know is in
the .psfonts file.

> > In the generated PDF file, the music is incompletely rendered, making 
> > the
> > whole lilypond-book thing useless!
> That is not normal.  :)    Could you give us more information?

Bernard Hurley <address@hidden>

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