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Re: rational.py does not compile ver 2.7.21 /ChangeLog/1.4316/

From: Bernard Hurley
Subject: Re: rational.py does not compile ver 2.7.21 /ChangeLog/1.4316/
Date: Sun, 04 Dec 2005 21:26:04 +0000

The @staticmethod (there are four of them) seem to be marking static
methods. Searching around the python documentation i found that a static
method "foo" should be marked by:


Applying this to the four methods and deleting "@staticmethod" yields a
file that compiles. I have no idea if this is what was meant.


On Sun, 2005-12-04 at 21:01 +0000, Bernard Hurley wrote:
> Hi all,
> "make all" does not fail but in the middle of the messages it prints:
> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/invisible/lilypond/python'
> PYTHONOPTIMIZE= /usr/bin/python -c 'import py_compile; py_compile.compile 
> ("out/rational.py")'
>   File "out/rational.py", line 201
>     @staticmethod
>     ^
> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
> true
> Then "make install" fails because it can't find rational.pyc
Bernard Hurley <address@hidden>

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