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Re: \version "2.7.33"

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: \version "2.7.33"
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 23:27:34 -0600

On 2/12/06, Alan <address@hidden> wrote:
> The alignment of the D.S. al Fine example
> in 8.1.3 Text marks is off in comparison to
> the stable version.  I have used the code in
> the actual program and it yields the same
> result.
> Feature-wise, it would be nice to have a
> command that aligns the text to bar lines
> while disregarding the other characters.
> E.g. let bar line = | and note = x
> (I am not sure if this will show up properly)
>                     Fine
> | x x x x x x x x |
> This feature may exist somewhere without
> me knowing however, since I am new here.

Hi Alan,

Try ...

%%%%%%%%%% BEGIN SNIPPET %%%%%%%%%%%%%

\version "2.7.29"

\new Score \with {
   \override RehearsalMark #'break-visibility = ##(#t #t #t)
} {
   \bar "|."
   \set Score.rehearsalMarkAlignSymbol = #'clef
   \override Score.RehearsalMark #'self-alignment-X = #right
   \mark "Fine"

%%%%%%%%%%% END SNIPPET %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

* To align your mark (including initial tempo indications and, in this
case, your repetition directive) to barlines, set the
rehearsalMarkAlignSymbol attribute of the Score context to #'clef.

* To right-, left- or center-align your mark, override the
#'self-alignment-X attribute of the RehearsalMark grob (which most
always live in the Score context) to #'right, #'left or #'center. If
you leave out this setting, the mark will center-align by default.

* Finally, marks are by default not visible at the end of a system. To
make your mark visible at the end of a system, override the
#'break-visibility attribute of the RehearsalMark (which, again, most
always lives in the Score context) to ##(#t #t #t), or to any other
value that features #t in the FIRST position.

Of these three steps, the first one probably deserves the most
attention: setting Score.rehearsalMarkAlignSymbol = #'bar or setting
Score.rehearsalMarkAlignSymbol = #'bar-line do nothing and are
equivalent to setting Score.rehearsalMarkAlignSymbol = #'foo.
Fortunately, Score.rehearsalMarkAlignSymbol = #'clef seems to handle
the case for bars, too.

Trevor Bača

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