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Re: Problem with emacs mode

From: Cameron Horsburgh
Subject: Re: Problem with emacs mode
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2006 09:55:04 +1100
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Cameron Horsburgh wrote:
> Cameron Horsburgh wrote:
>>Hi folks,
>>This has only become a problem for me in 2.7.32 or 2.7.33.
>>When I use `M-x LilyPond-mode' in GNU Emacs (both 21.4 and 22.0) it
>>fails with the following error:
>>Loading lilypond-mode (source)...
>>if: Wrong type argument: arrayp, nil
> Hmm, I'm still having trouble with this. The problem only seems to have
> been caused since I upgraded Emacs to the almost-ready-to-release 22.0,
> but affects my stable emacs as well (I'm using the Debian Sid stable and
> snapshot versions, which are supposed to be independent of one another.)
> I've noticed in the lists that somebody else has had a similar problem:
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-lilypond/2005-09/msg00093.html
> Has anyone else been using the new Emacs with success?
> Cameron
Okay, problem fixed, sort of.

It seems if I call LilyPond-mode in an unwritten buffer--for example
*scratch* or *messages* I get the error mentioned before. If I write the
buffer to a file and call LilyPond-mode (or let it load automatically
upon naming the buffer) I have no problems.

This means I have to name my buffer before I start working, not just
start typing in the scratch buffer, call LilyPond-mode when it gets
confusing and save when I want to compile. Obviously this isn't a big
problem, but it's unexpected behaviour that I haven't been able to
replicate in any other major-mode I've tried.

(And thanks to Milan--he's done a great job off list helping me pinpoint
the problem.)

Cameron Horsburgh

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