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Re: abort in framework-ps.scm

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: abort in framework-ps.scm
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 07:34:36 +0100 (CET)

> I just upgraded to Fedora 5, and now I get CJK problems too.  What
> do you suggest as a solution? A font is accessed as CIDFont if the
> font doesn't support glyphnames.

Two issues.

  . If we include a TrueType font as Type 42, it must contain a
    /CharStrings dictionary which assigns glyph names to all glyphs.
    With other words, there are always glyph names.  Since lilypond
    builds the Type 42 by itself, it should automatically have access
    to this data.  Such a font is to be accessed with the default
    `findfont' interface, AFAIK.

    Looking into xiao-haizi-guai-guai.ps I see that the /CharStrings
    dictionary is empty for the CJK fonts.  This is a bug, but the
    solution is simple: Just convert the data in the font's Unicode
    `cmap' table to

      /CharStrings XXX dict dup begin
        /.notdef 0 def 
        /uniXXXX 1 def
        /uniXXXX 2 def

    Using `/uniXXXX' is recommended to make the ToUnicode feature of
    PDFs work correctly while converting from PS to PDF.

  . Accessing CID-keyed fonts (this is, fonts which come as PS CIDfont
    resources, not wrapped as an OTF) is not supported yet, right?  It
    is a bit more complicated, because we have to add the CMap
    handling by ourselves.


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