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Rehearsal marks

From: Frédéric Chiasson
Subject: Rehearsal marks
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 19:27:07 +0000 (UTC)
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I looked at the regression tests you did with the new version of Lilypond 
but I didn't see any test about the rehearsal marks. I had problems with them
since they were colliding with other symbols and the functions I thought would
raise the mark didn't work. What do you suggest me to correct this 

Here is an example : 

% Vue marine
\version "2.8.6"

%commandes pour hampe
StemOff = \override Stem #'transparent = ##t
StemOn = \override Stem #'transparent = ##f

%commandes pour tÍtes de note
NoteCroix = \override NoteHead #'style = #'cross
NoteNormale = \override NoteHead #'style = #'default

NotesVoix = \relative c''
                r\breve s4 s1 
                s4 s8 s1
                s4 s8
                r4 \StemOff c4(\p\glissando fis,\glissando a\glissando d,~
                d) r8
                r4 cis'=''4( \glissando b\glissando fis!\glissando ais=')
                r4 \StemOn fis!8(\glissando \StemOff ais!4) s2 r2
                \bar "" \break
                \mark \default %(here is the mark)
                a8^\markup{ \dynamic "p" \italic "recitativo" } s8 r1 s2
                r4 a8 r4 a8 gis \NoteCroix gis \NoteNormale
                r2 r4
                fis!4 \NoteCroix fis8 \NoteNormale r8
                r4 e8 \times 2/3 {b'='8 aes g} dis16 fis!8 fis!16 e g8 dis!16 
a'16 g16 fis!8 r4

ParolesVoix = \lyricmode
        {       Mm __ Mm __ Mm __       
                Quoi? Quoi? Qu'en- tends- je
                Qu'est- ce?
                Cet a- ga- çant
                oi- seau qui me fouet- te les o- reilles!
                J'é- tais si bien.

        title = "Vue marine"
        composer = \markup { \override #'(baseline-skip . 2.8)
                                                 \column {      \right-align 
\fontsize #1 "Frédéric Chiasson" 
\fontsize #-1 "(ne en 1978)"

        % changer la police pour l'en-tête

\new Score
        #(set-global-staff-size 14) %pour la grosseur des portées
        \set Score.markFormatter = #format-mark-box-letters
        « (instead of << so I can send the message)
        \new Staff = "Voix" \with{ \remove "Time_signature_engraver" }
                        { \NotesVoix }
        \addlyrics{ \ParolesVoix }
        » (idem)  

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