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Re: FiguredBass Extender Lines wrong position - 2.9.26

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: FiguredBass Extender Lines wrong position - 2.9.26
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 01:25:44 -0700
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Trent Johnston wrote:
Whoops forgot the reply all....

Yes I know I provided the answers a while ago.

But at the moment the figures still show the same no matter what the
position they entered. Both the 3's in <3> <7 3> are on the bottom so they
shouldn't be swapped in the first place. Even if they are, swapping the
numbers (<3> <3 7>) in the code still produces the same output as
demonstrated in the code I sent.
I don't know if "s" does the same thing but the manual says that "r<d>" is what is needed to fix that.

When using continuation lines, common figures are always put in the same vertical position. When this is unwanted, you can insert a rest with |r|. The rest will clear any previous alignment. For example, you can write

 <4 6>8 r8

instead of

 <4 6>4

Paul Scott


----- Original Message ----- From: "Mats Bengtsson" <address@hidden>
To: "Trent Johnston" <address@hidden>
Cc: <address@hidden>
Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 4:26 PM
Subject: Re: FiguredBass Extender Lines wrong position - 2.9.26

This problem/feature has been discussed several times on the mailing list,
check the archives.


Trent Johnston wrote:
Hello everyone,

When using the figured bass above the staff with extender lines and implicitBassFigures the the line always gets swapped around. In the example below both lines should be positioned on the bottom. Switching the order of numbers i.e. <3 7> instead of <7 3> makes no change.



\include "english.ly"

basso = \new Voice {
\time 3/2
\relative c {
\clef bass
%bar 1
ef2 ef ef
%bar 2
d2_\markup "numbers switch <3 7> instead of <7 3>" d d
%bar 3
%bar 4
b2 b b
%bar 5
%bar 6
%bar 7
c'2 c c

bassfig = \figuremode {
\set Staff.useBassFigureExtenders = ##t
<3>2 <7 3> s
\set Staff.useBassFigureExtenders = ##f

\set Staff.useBassFigureExtenders = ##t
<3>2 <3 7> s
\set Staff.useBassFigureExtenders = ##f

\set Staff.useBassFigureExtenders = ##t
\set Staff.implicitBassFigures = #'(3)
<6>4 <3> <5 3>2 s
\set Staff.useBassFigureExtenders = ##f
\set Staff.implicitBassFigures = #'()

\score {

\new Staff = "cont" << \basso \context Staff = cont \bassfig >>

\layout {
       indent = 1\cm

       \midi { }

\paper { }

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