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Re: Vertical space for imaginary, real collisions

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Vertical space for imaginary, real collisions
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 09:14:57 +0200
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When looking at the implementation, it seems that the extra-Y-extent property
isn't taken care of anywhere, it's just included in the documentation.
Similarly, the old context property extraVerticalExtent is also in the documentation but not in the actual implementation, as far as I can see (I just sent a separate bug report on that). So, isn't there any functional property available to add some extra
extent around a Staff?


Mats Bengtsson wrote:
Regarding your second issue, I would have suspected the following solution to work,
but for some reason it doesn't. Did I miss something or is it a bug?
\layout {
   \override VerticalAxisGroup #'extra-Y-extent = #'(-0.5 . 0.5)


Marcus Macauley wrote:
These two issues then -- which I would summarize:

1. Vertical interlocking of staff objects should be allowed by default, with an option to disable; 2. Minimum vertical space between objects should be maybe 0.5 spaces, and anyway user-settable

are somewhere between defects, collisions, and enhancement requests, depending on your point of view.


%%%%%%% revised example: %%%%%%%

\version "2.9.22"
\score { <<
    \new Staff \relative a' {
        \repeat unfold 3 { a4 a a a }
        << {a4 a a a} \\ {a,8 a a a a a \times 2/3 {a a a}}  >>
        \repeat unfold 4 << {a'4 a a a} \\ {a,8 a a a a a a a} >>

    \new Staff \relative a' {
        a1^\markup {
            \column {
                \line {Too much}
                \line {vertical space?}
        a a a
        a^\markup {
            \column {
                \line {Enough}
                \line {vertical space?}
        a a a
    } >>
\layout { indent = #0 }

%%%%%%% end revised example %%%%%%%

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