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Re: Failure to Recognise Partial Measures

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Failure to Recognise Partial Measures
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 11:07:05 -0800
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Thanks, this has been added as

- Graham

William Oram wrote:
I had been tearing my hair out for a long time trying to figure out why
my project was returning failed barline check notices at the last few
measures. When I reduced it to a minimum, I figured it out...it's a bug.

Observe the following snippet. There will probably be an error pointing
to the line containing '\partial 4*3 ---' along the lines of

'warning: barcheck failed at: -3/4 [with substitutions below, it's 3/4]

Replace the line with, say, '\partial 4*3 a b a', and it works.
Admittedly I might not be executing this properly...R rests are pretty
fickle. It doesn't matter; replace it with 'R1*3/4' or 'R2.' or anything
similar, and the same error returns. I don't want to use '\partial 4*3
r2 r4' because, in a large-scale system, this forces the line to appear
when there's no useful content. Use this on every instrument and you get
the last page of the score full of rests.


\include "english.ly"

myStaff = \relative c'' {
        \clef "treble"
        \time 2/2
        a4 b a b
        a b a b
        a b a b
        \partial 4*3 R1*3/4

\score {
        \new Staff << \myStaff >>

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