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horizontal spacing problem in grace notes below the staff

From: Andrew Hawryluk
Subject: horizontal spacing problem in grace notes below the staff
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2008 21:40:15 -0700

This one's a bit long for a bug report, but only to show the way the
horizontal problem depends on the vertical location of the grace

\version "2.11.38"
\paper {
        ragged-right = ##t

% In groups of grace notes below the staff, it appears
% that the notes are only given enough horizontal room
% when the intervals between the notes are small. In
% larger intervals the notes are pressed very close together.

        % spacing above the staff is fine
        \grace {e'''16[ a'' e'']} a''4
        % spacing in the middle of the staff is fine
        \grace {d''16[ g' d']} g'4

        % just one step down, an odd spacing happens because
        % c' is given very little room
        \grace {c''16[ f' c']} f'4

        % here the ledger lines have shifted to the right to
        % avoid a collision, but the a is not centred on the
        % ledger line
        \grace {a'16[ d' a]} d'4
        % here both the b and f are 'falling off' their ledgers
        \grace {f'16[ b f]} c'4
        % here the first two notes have enough space because
        % they are vertically close
        \grace {d'16[ c' g]} c'4

        % here they are all properly spaced
        \grace {d'16[ c' a]} c'4

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