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RE: Slow compile on Windows XP - font caching problem?

From: CDon
Subject: RE: Slow compile on Windows XP - font caching problem?
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 13:11:39 -0700 (PDT)

Trevor Daniels wrote:
> Some facts that might have a bearing:
> This was a clean install of Vista, not an upgrade.
> This was the very first LilyPond installation on this system.
> I had admin priviledges during the install, although removing them later
> has no effect on running LilyPond.
> The font cache was built in [user]/.lilypond-fonts.cache-2/ and contains
> the usual three files.

This basically sumarizes my experience.  No problem when LilyPond was
initially installed, but the slowdown occured with a later install.  As
discussed in


I would guess this is because [user]/.lilypond-fonts.cache-2/ is no longer
being created.  No version will now create the font cache.

I have also tried all of the suggestions above made by Han-Wen with no
change in results.  Further, I tried with User Account Control turned of...
No effect.  At one point I unstalled, manually removed all references in the
Registry to LilyPond (which is not to say that I could in fact find them
all), with restarts in between... No effect.  I have no doubt that something
has gotten trashed along the way in Vista.  For the time being, the work
around suggested in the other thread still seems to be ok.
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