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Re: Some "Cheat cheet" nitpicks

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Some "Cheat cheet" nitpicks
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 09:55:10 +0100 (CET)

[all lilypond documentation snippets running through lilypond-book get
a horizontal offset of 3mm to the right]

I redirect this discussion to lilypond-devel.

>> [...]  The lilypond-book option --left-padding controls this; if
>> not given, a default value of 3mm is used.  Main reason to use have
>> a non-zero default is to take care of bar numbers sticking out to
>> the left.
>> It's debatable, however, whether we should have that in the
>> lilypond documentation, given the vast amount of small snippets
>> which consist of a single line only.
> We have code that detects if the example is a single line; if so, it
> adds ragged-right=##t.

I think you are wrong; at least I haven't found anything into this
direction in lilypond-book.  It only suppresses ragged-right output if
a line width is given.

> That same piece of code could set left-padding to 0.

`This piece of code' has to be written yet, I believe.  However, I
think it's a bad idea in general since it means that you have to run
lilypond twice on a single snippet: the first time to find out whether
there is more than a single line, and the second time to apply

The best solution is probably to add a new command line option
`--default-left-padding' to lilypond-book (which is then used in the
Makefile with value 0mm to override the default setting of 3mm), and
adding a snippet option `left-padding' to the lilypond environments
(within lilypond-book) to override the default left padding if


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