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Re: [tablatures] tie bug in 2.13.10?

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: [tablatures] tie bug in 2.13.10?
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 18:11:50 -0000

Carl Sorensen wrote Saturday, January 02, 2010 4:31 PM

On 1/2/10 6:57 AM, "Federico Bruni" <address@hidden> wrote:

Is this a bug of 2.13.10?

I assume it is.

It is

The tied note head in TabStaff is white instead of transparent..

Actually, I suspect that the head is transparent, but it's also got a white
outline, and you're seeing the white outline.

Yes.  I suspect this is an unintended consequence
of my introducing the 'whiteout property in 2.10.

I'll investigate.


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