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Re: Tie positioning in chords with large intervals [engraving-nitpick?]

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: Tie positioning in chords with large intervals [engraving-nitpick?]
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2010 17:07:15 +0100

"Alexander Kobel" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
Hi, all,

in the attached example the tie positioning is not quite what I'd expect
to be the favourite option (on 2.13.11).

It's about chords with large intervals in between, where the tie can be
fitted into the space between note heads.  This looks strange when the
inner ties exceed the range of the outer ties of the chord.
For stem-up chords, a simple workaround is adding transparent notes to
the chord, to block the empty space in between.  For stem-down chords,
I'd prefer the tie (between the c'') to be a mirrored version of the
bottom tie (between the a'), i.e. attached to the center of the left
note head instead of either the left or the right side of it; this I
could not achieve with an additional note.

Would it be sensible to crop the range of interior ties to the union of
the extents of the outer ties in general?



\relative c'' {
 <g d g,>4~ <g d g,>
 <g d b g>4~ <g d b g>
 <g d g,>4~ <g d b g>
 <g d g,>4~ <g d \tweak #'transparent ##t b g>

 <a' c, a>4~ <a c, a>
 <a e c a>4~ <a e c a>
 <a e c a>4~ <a c, a>
 <a \tweak #'transparent ##t e c a>4~ <a c, a>


Looks like this hasn't been progressed.  Should it be raised as a bug?

Phil Holmes

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