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RE: Windows 7

From: James Lowe
Subject: RE: Windows 7
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 19:34:02 -0400




Can you define what 'fine' means? I recently uninstalled 2.13.21 and it took 
the same 'age' it normally does. I.e. it seems to delete every single installed 
file one at a time instead of just removing the top level dirs (you can see 
this if you watch the uninstaller).

I only use Windows 7 and have done since 2.12.latest and all through up to 
2.13.10 builds and this has always been a problem (5-10 minute uninstall). I 
have recently installed 2.13.23 but have not yet uninstalled it (I am at home 
and I use Mac here).


I hadn't seen anyone had updated this, so assumed it was still an issue.


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From: address@hidden on behalf of Phil Holmes
Sent: Fri 25/06/2010 12:47
To: address@hidden
Subject: Windows 7
>From some of the bug reports concerning uninstallation, it looks like 
LilyPond runs fine on Windows 7.  Could someone confirm, and we can raise a 
bug report to add windows 7 to the supported platforms list?  (Can't find a 
report that this has been done already).

Phil Holmes
Bug Squad

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