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full-measure rests don't seem to reserve adequate space

From: Laura Conrad
Subject: full-measure rests don't seem to reserve adequate space
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 17:01:21 -0400
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The attached file should have 4 full-measure rests, but in fact looks to
the casual user like there are only three.

A workaround is to make sure that the full-measure rests aren't at the
beginning of the line.

I have reproduced this problem in both 2.12.3 and 2.13.29.

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After much pondering, I think I understand a basic reason why a glass
of something reviving is so welcome in the early evening.  Partly, of
course, it's just that, to revive, to relax, but it's also a
convenient way of becoming a slightly different person from your
daytime self, less methodical, less calculating -- however you put it,
somebody different, and the prospect of that has helped to make the
day tolerable.  And, conversely, it's not having that prospect that
makes the day look grim to the poor old ex-boozer, more than missing
the alcohol as such.  Changing for dinner used to be another way of
switching roles.  Coming home from work has a touch of the same

Writers haven't got that advantage -- when they finish work they're at
home already.  So perhaps they need that glass of gin extra badly.
Any excuse is better than none.

Kingsley Amis, _Every Day Drinking_

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