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Re: 2.13.32 not honouring margins and staves going off page

From: Nick Payne
Subject: Re: 2.13.32 not honouring margins and staves going off page
Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2010 21:46:29 +1000
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On 05/09/10 09:33, Neil Puttock wrote:
On 5 September 2010 00:07, Nick Payne<address@hidden>  wrote:
I haven't been able to reproduce this behaviour with a small example, but
I'm getting some staves in a score where lilypond tries to fit too many bars
and the stave goes past the margin and off the right-hand edge of the page,
and others where the the right-hand barline is at the correct margin but
notes go past the barline.
You have a few places where there are glissandos spanning a barline.
Line breaks will be forbidden at these points unless you allow
glissandos to be breakable:

\override Glissando #'breakable = ##t
Thanks. Adding

\override Staff.Glissando #'breakable = ##t

to the \score block fixed that problem, at the expense of increasing the page count by 50%. There's still a problem with vertical spacing in that with no bottom-system-spacing command in the paper block, the lowest stave on some pages overlays the page number at the bottom of the page. I had to add

bottom-system-spacing = #'((space . 4) (padding . 2) (stretchability . 0) (minimum-distance . 0))

to stop this happening.


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