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Re: separating music and guitar instructions

From: Dmytro O. Redchuk
Subject: Re: separating music and guitar instructions
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 10:11:45 +0300
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On Wed 22 Sep 2010, 00:38 Vicente Solsona wrote:
> >>this doesn't work
> >>
> >>    c4\3
> >It does! This avoids a string number indication in standard
> >notation and leads to a correct fret number in tablature. See
> >Default tablatures in the Notation Reference.
> >>
> >>and this does:
> >>
> >>    <c\3>4
> >This basically has the same effect but a string number indication
> >is added in standard notation.

Sorry for delay. I am still brave enough to add "this" to the tracker but not
sure that this issue is clear enough, sorry.

> a-ha, ok!
> I don't use tablatures, so I didn't realize that, sorry for my confusion.
> Then it makes sense to me.
> But the original "issue" remains though:
> should the following example (and the larger one in my first post)
> to be expected to work? if yes (and I'm not doing something wrong),
> then there's a bug.
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> music = { <c>4 <c> }
> fingers = {s4\2 s4-\rightHandFinger #2}
(Missed space after "#2" causes "Expecting number or string, found
#<unspecified>" error)

> \score {
>      << \new Staff \context Voice = "A" \music
>         \context Voice = "A" \fingers
>      >>
> }
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
I am affraid, if this is _a question_ ("should or should not"), it's still not
a valid issue report?

(I believe i will not forget about this issue, it's marked with ugly red text
on black background in my mailer,-)

Ok, let me try:

Summary: fingering indications are not displayed if entered with no angle
Type: Defect
Priority: Medium

music = { <c>4 <c> }
fingers = { s4\2 s4-\rightHandFinger #2 }
\score {
     << \new Staff \context Voice = "A" \music
        \context Voice = "A" \fingers

How do you think -- is this correct enough? May be this should be enhancement
request (with different summary)?

Is it a valid report at all?

Excuse me, my knowlegde is weak in this area. And i feel like i have no time
to digg.

  Dmytro O. Redchuk
  Bug Squad

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