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Re: Issue 1555 in lilypond: Multiple warnings concerning staff-affinitie

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 1555 in lilypond: Multiple warnings concerning staff-affinities
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 18:15:56 +0000

Comment #7 on issue 1555 by address@hidden: Multiple warnings concerning staff-affinities

Lilypond needs a better message here, to let users know the ordering of non-staff lines is not consistent with their vertical spacing settings, and give them words to search for in the NR.

Through some mistake of copy and paste the Lyric lines have affinities

Lilypond and I are both confused here. Did your copy/paste error delete the staff between CENTER and UP Lyrics? In order to proceed, she will change one staff-affinity so the whole system goes #f CENTER CENTER DOWN #f, and should warn you that she is doing so.

The existing "staff-affinities should only decrease" is too specific, applying only to the case of a single group of non-staffs. Aren't we allowed to have DOWN #f CENTER #f UP ?

There should be only one warning per mis-ordered non-staff.  Can we
 after->set_property("staff-affinity", after_affinity);
after the warning() in page-layout-problem.cc ?

855           Direction after_affinity = to_dir (after->
 get_maybe_pure_property ("staff-affinity", pure, start, end));
856           if (after_affinity > before_affinity)
857             {
858               warning (_ ("staff-affinities should only decrease"));
859               after_affinity = before_affinity;
860             }

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