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Beaming rules may cause oddness when using hideNotes

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Beaming rules may cause oddness when using hideNotes
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 20:50:38 +0100

Greetings everybody,

I've just stumbled upon the following piece of code, and it took me a
while to understand what was going wrong (although, granted, I should
know better).

\new Staff <<
  \new Voice { \voiceOne
    \set tieWaitForNote = ##t
    c''16~ b''~ <c'' b''>8~ b''2.
  \new Voice { \voiceTwo
    c''8. d''16 c''2

Printed scores usually use 2+2 beaming for 4/4 time signatures, but
they revert to 4+4+4+4 whenever there's a silence or a trick such as
the one above. In this particular case, the (attached) output is
clearly not something one would expect to happen by default; that
being said, I'm not sure the beaming rules can be made more
intelligent (see #638, for example). Perhaps it's just something to
document? (Or maybe that's just me ;)



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