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LilyPond Versions (was Re: Issue 1622 in lilypond: Dynamic spanner not p

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: LilyPond Versions (was Re: Issue 1622 in lilypond: Dynamic spanner not printed within gracenotes)
Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 09:25:31 -0600

On 5/4/11 7:06 AM, "Colin Campbell" <address@hidden> wrote:
> My goodness! I thought I was having too much fun yesterday!  I had
> mis-interpreted something Graham said as meaning I should verify with
> the latest GUB build, unaware that he meant " . . . downloaded from the
> website".  Ah well, good intentions make good paving material.

I'd much rather have you working than not!  I'm glad we've been able to
clarify the policy so all will understand.

> FWIW, I'll be glad when we get a bit further down the road from this
> pre-release version multiplicity.  IIUC, the status is this:
> 2.12.3 is the official, accept no substitutes, publically supported
> stable version

2.12.3 is the *released* stable version.

> 2.13.61 is the official, accept no substitutes, publically supported
> unstable version, to be used in verifying fixes

2.13.61 is the *released* unstable version, built from the stable/2.14
branch that will serve as the basis for the next stable release candidate.

> 2.15.0 is the official developers (and well-meaning amateurs) unstable
> version in git, also buildable locally with GUB

2.15.0 is the version of the master branch and of the *future* unstable
released version. There is not yet a 2.15.0 release, and won't be until
after 2.14 is release, IIUC.

> 2.14.0 is to all intents and purposes invisible, except to Carl

2.14.0 does not yet exist.  The version of the stable/2.14 branch is
currently 2.13.62.

> Issues labelled "Fixed 2.13.62" or greater version number are
> unverifiable ATM.

This is exactly correct.

> Issues labelled "Fixed 2.15.0 Backport" are ambiguous: is the backport
> to 2.13.62 only?

fixed_2_15_0 means that a patch has been placed in the master branch.
backport means that it should be backported to the stable/2.14 branch.  Once
I backport it, it will get a fixed_2_13_x tag.  Once version 2.13.x is
released, it's available for verification.

The verification for 2.15.0 will be handled by the regtest comparision at
the time 2.15.0 is released.

So, bug squad, your task is to look at issues awaiting verification that
have a fixed_2_13_61 tag, and verify those.  Ignore those with only
fixed_2_15_0, and ignore (for the moment) those with fixed_2_13_62.  Once
2.13.62 is released, you'll verify those with fixed_2_13_62, and ignore
those with fixed_2_13_63.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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