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some comments do not appear in the tracker page

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: some comments do not appear in the tracker page
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 10:54:40 +0200


there is a problem with comments in the tracker.  At least 2 comments
didn't make it to the "changing G clef" issue page:
- Trevor's comment from July 26th, containing sentence "The G clef
font was changed 18 months or so ago by Carl without all this fuss"
- Carls comment, perhaps from July 25th, containing sentence "This
proposal was based on Graham's assertion that 2.16 is 10 days away
from release"

The problem is quite serious because i didn't get these messages at
all - even though i'm subscribed to bug-lilypond, where they seem to
land!  I see them now in bug- archives, but they are nowhere in my
address@hidden account.  The most funny things is,
perhaps, that they appeared in another mail account which i've
subscribed to mailing lists (that's how i doscovered them).

I suppose that this happens when someone replies to e-mail
notification from tracker, which contains comment message.

Should/can we change how this works?

Also, i'd like to apologize to everyone whose comments weren't
answered by me because of this.


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